Hawker P1081

Hawker P-1081







Hawker P1081, known as the 'Australian Fighter', was built as a private venture by British company, Hawker Aircraft, as a result of Australian interest in an operational fighter version of the P.1052 swept-wing research aircraft. The P.1081 was a rebuild of the second P.1052 incorporating a straight-through (as opposed to bifurcated) jet pipe and a new all-swept tail. Non-availability of the Rolls-Royce Tay turbojet proposed for installation resulted in retention of the original 2268kg Nene R.N.2. With this power plant the Hawker P 1081 was envisaged as a replacement for the RAAF's Mustangs and Vampire fighters. Only one aircraft was built but it never entered RAAF service or came to Australia. On 14 November 1950, further work on the Australian project was cancelled. The sole preproduction aircraft was destroyed in a crash on 3 April 1951. The serial A86 was allocated but not used. Knowledge gained in the flights of the P1081 was used in the development of the Hawker P 1067. This aircraft was fitted with the Rolls Royce Avon engine, and known as the 'Hunter' this aircraft saw extensive service from the late 1950s with the Royal Air Force and many other air forces around the world.

General characteristics

Class:                                                      Single-seat experimental fighter
Power Plant:                                          1 x 2268 kg (5000 lb) thrust Rolls Royce Nene RN2 turbojet engine
Weight Empty:                                      5080 kg (11 200 lb)
Weight Loaded:                                     6568 kg (14 480 lb).
Wingspan:                                             9.60 m (31 ft 6 in)
Length:                                                  11.37 m (37 ft 4 in)
Height:                                                   4.04 m (13 ft 3 in).


Max speed:                                            Mach 0.89 at 10 973 m (36,000 ft); Ceiling: 45,600 ft (13 899 m).